The Go-kart experience of model building and modeling is given a place in The Wall

At The Wall in Utrecht, where retail, leisure and entertainment come together, two new concepts will soon open: a 500-meter e-kart track (by E-sport Karting) and the Wetronic branch, where a shop is combined with the drive-through shop for model vehicles.

The wall in Utrecht

retail development

The wall in Utrecht, located along the A2 motorway, is already familiar to entertainment concepts. For example, on the ground floor we find the Play-in, with extensive indoor arcades for the smallest target group, a trampoline park and a climbing centre. But there are many Recreational facilities to find. There are also a number of catering establishments and shops on the premises. The Wall does not present itself as a shopping mall, but as a “perfect location for a day out”. With the addition of the two new experience companies, the share of entertainment will increase even more.

wall expansion

The TeamSport Karting and Wetronic sites are located on a previously unused part of The Wall and will cover a total area of ​​14,000 square meters over two layers. In order to increase its accessibility from the parking deck above, the owners of Urban Interest and Built to Build realized new escalators, an elevator, and a permanent staircase allowing access to these floors at once, both from the parking deck and from the ground floor. Wetronic will be located on the first floor of this new area and the TeamSport Karting E-kart track will be on the ground floor.

TeamSport Karting

TeamSport Karting operates around 40 karting tracks in over 30 cities in the UK and recently entered mainland Europe through a branch in Germany. Electronic cartoon cars, that is, powered by an electric motor, are a new generation of traditional vehicles that are mostly gasoline-powered. Electronic cartoon cars have a lot of power from a standstill, but they are much safer because the power can be reduced or increased centrally and remotely if necessary. Therefore, electronic cartoon carts are also very suitable for young people and families with smaller children. So e-karting is expected to become a very popular outing for birthday parties and family outings. In addition to the 500-meter E-kart course, TeamSport Karting will also open a mini golf course and catering facility.

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Wetronic Model Building Specialists

Wetronic is aimed at model building enthusiasts from all over Europe who can meet there to talk about their hobby and exchange experiences, but also compete against each other on one of three tracks – a racetrack, truck track and off-road track. Come or try their model. In addition, there will be a catering facility and a so-called “manufacturing space” where visitors can work on vehicle models, present their problems to experts and follow courses. Finally, Wetronic opens a shop where scale models, and especially parts, are sold online. The globally successful Wetronic web store is also operated from here.

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