The Guardian: “Trump’s ex-chief of staff gave a presentation on coup plans” | abroad

The former chief of staff to former President Donald Trump gave a PowerPoint presentation containing plans to commit a coup before the US Congressional Committee, according to the British newspaper, ‘The Guardian’. He’s investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol. The Mark Meadows dossier contained ideas to keep Trump in power longer.

The PowerPoint title was “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference, and Choices Before January 6th”. He stated, among other things, that Trump might declare a national emergency in order to stay in power for a longer period. For example, it may be claimed that China has gained access to electronic voting systems. Then all electronic votes would have to be declared invalid, and Parliament would have to look for a solution.

The document also contains some points that former Vice President Mike Pence could have used to prevent Joe Biden from being declared the new Speaker of Parliament on January 6. That way he could appoint more Trump supporters as electoral votes.

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His closest allies (Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, …) would have done everything they could until January 6 to find a solution that would keep Trump in power. That day, Trump supporters finally stormed the Capitol, trying to prevent official approval of the election results. It does not work.

Meadows promised to cooperate with the parliamentary committee on the storming of the Capitol in late November, but withdrew that cooperation on Wednesday. He is now likely to stand trial for his refusal.

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