The happiest? This is how long (or short) your walk should last

According to research, walking a short distance is just as effective as a long exercise.

Regular exercise Many benefits, From improved sleep and cardiovascular health to reduced risk of chronic disease and better hormonal balance. Plus, there’s ample evidence that exercise can reduce the risk of depression – and the best news for those who work on a busy day’s schedule, exercise shouldn’t take up much of your time. Even a long distance from just 10 minutes It may be enough to reap its benefits.

to me Associated scholars American Anxiety and Depression Association Walk can be for 10 minutes Equally effective Like a 45-minute exercise to relieve feelings of depression. The effect may dissipate faster than prolonged physical exertion, but the short activity can give you a mood boost when you need it.

Why does walking work

The link between exercise and mental health improvement can be explained by one Improved mobility and decreased pain levels. How well does a short walk fit into this photo? There are many theories, but many scientists point to the role of our hormones. There are a lot of them while walking Feel good, Such as endorphins. Walking also helps reduce inflammation in the body, which can have a positive effect on your mood and anxiety. And of course there is the Side effectsSuch as improving sleep and diet as a result of frequent walking.

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