The head of the Anglican Church has condemned the UK’s controversial illegal immigration bill

The bill seeks to severely limit the right of asylum with the aim of limiting the number of crossings across the Channel. Anyone who enters the country illegally will not be eligible for asylum under the new bill. People who enter the country in this way will be immediately deported and their asylum application will be stopped immediately, with no chance to settle in the UK or apply for British citizenship. Illegal immigrants are held in a detention center in Rwanda rented by Britain until they can be deported to their home country.

“I would call on the government to review the bulk of the bill,” Welby said. “This proposal is contrary to our history, our moral responsibility and our political and international interests. It is morally unacceptable and politically impossible to leave poor countries alone to deal with the crisis.

Welby said the bill could seriously damage the UK, both in terms of reputation and political interests abroad, and not particularly in the interests of those seeking aid and protection.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who was crowned Britain’s new king and queen last weekend, accused the government of “cruelty”.

Rishi Sunak has made fighting illegal immigration his top priority after taking office in 2022. Last year, a record 45,000 people entered the UK illegally via rubber dinghy.

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