The healthiest university building in Europe is located in Maastricht

After months of specialized measurements in and around the building, we still had to wait for Well Building International’s extensive quality control and Green Business certification. But now the bullet goes through the church: Maastricht University is also known as a former military barracks, the healthiest university in Europe!

Redevelopment of Tapijn in the spirit of sustainability

To create a healthy and enjoyable working environment, the University of Maastricht, with the support of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML), has implemented the WELL Building Standard in the redevelopment of Tapijnkazerne. The WELL Building Standard is the result of ten years of medical research and includes nearly 100 requirements in 9 categories: air, water, nutrition, light, light, movement, comfort, materials, mental health, and society.A well-certified project clearly contributes to the health, productivity and happiness of the building’s users.

UM 2030 Sustainable

“As part of our UM 2030 sustainable strategy, Maastricht University is doing everything in its power to be as sustainable as possible, whether it is related to education, research or business operations.” said Nick Boss, Executive Board Vice President. “In the Tapijnkazerne redevelopment, all three aspects come together to make UM more sustainable, particularly with a view to the well-being of our community members.”

Sustainability Research

Professor Dr. Dr. Wouter van Marken Lichtenbilt, known for his research on the effect of temperature changes on human metabolism, sees it as a positive development that UM is committed to people-oriented sustainability. He sees an opportunity for Tapijn Barracks as a living laboratory for sustainability research. The ideas developed within UM can be applied and tested within the WELL construction standard and thus serve a broader interest.

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healthy buildings

also a.d. Dr. Nils Cook, an expert in sustainable real estate, is excited: “Our recent research on the effects of indoor climate on health and productivity, including in homes, offices and schools, clearly shows that healthier buildings lead to better outcomes. Students and researchers benefit greatly from a healthy learning and working environment.” “.integrating wellbeing and health into the development of Tapijnkazerne upholds the importance of sustainability and health for Maastricht University and puts home-made academic research directly into practice.”

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