“The Hockey Daddies Show Ingeniously What’s Wrong With Gooische Vrouwen”

Somewhat skeptical, I started the Videoland series hockey parentsBecause I am usually not a big fan of Dutch series. But these doubts quickly dissipated. I enjoyed the way the series deftly shows what can be wrong with the rich white man and the privilege he knows. Highly recommended to anyone who may not even subconsciously realize inappropriate behavior that is sometimes considered normal.

Take, for example, the vulgar jokes made about different cultures. Or solve another white man’s problems by covering up what he did. In the series, a hockey player is paid €10,000 to shut her mouth about the white coach who molested her. The archetypal ball – and also the hockey club’s president – JP, played wonderfully by Tijn Docter, is tasked with smoothing things over when the woman in question returns to the hockey club after several years. And this time she won’t shut her mouth. The club is also facing a public scandal over leaked videos of racist jokes.

JP enlists the help of Chimène, a top hockey star, to restore the club’s image. He and a host of others also constantly make inappropriate comments to her, which aren’t always meant that way, but are simply ingrained in his behavior. It is not uncomfortable to watch them, because they are done in a humorous manner. beauty hockey parents is that the main character is experiencing growth; From a very hardened rake to a modern and understanding man. The difference in generations and the ideas associated with it work well too. In this series, the older generation learns from their children, who often view topics such as the environment, gender diversity, and (sexual) transgressive behavior in a completely different way.

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I also think it’s good to see TV show makers being more aware these days. Comparing hockey parents For example with goofy women, which is somewhat of the female counterpart. There are twenty sloppy years between the first episodes of both shows, but a lot has changed in that period. And we see this reflected in such a chain in which families from Holland are central. in goofy women For example, all characters are white. They also have a white partner and white children. A character like Tippi Wan is put away in a stereotypical fashion for the time, just like gay Yari, by the way.

None of that at all hockey parents. Well, there is one all-white family, but that’s okay, of course there are enough of them. Kassem, one of the main characters, is Moroccan. Then his wife comes from Holland. The other main character, Water, is no longer with his wife. His ex-wife, a woman of color, discovered later in life that she (also) liked women.

We see these family situations, and many other variables, constantly around us in everyday life. It is good to note that we also see that reflected in the image and thus the creators think about it. The ice cream parlor also has dozens of different flavors, so why would we only want to see vanilla? A little variety makes it interesting.

Then I’d like to give a final compliment to whoever is in charge of the casting. Because since the beginning of the series I haven’t been able to see him; Elle de Lange, who plays Marty, will look just like her real-life daughter in terms of looks hockey parents It could be Sanne Wallis de Vries and Tijn Docter. If you don’t believe me, below is a photo I made very personally for you to convince. hit, right? And yes, they are all white. I know. I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with vanilla, as long as there are other flavors to choose from.

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