The House of Governmental Advisors wants more attention to health in solving the nitrogen crisis

More attention should be paid to health and environmental quality in the discussions that Johann Remeckis had with the parties on solving the nitrogen problem.

According to the Council of Government Advisers in a message for remix. According to consultants, the quality of the environment “to a large extent” contributes to the physical and mental health of people, but attention to this is still not enough.

The institute also believes that the institute must expedite the creation of a new environmental authority. This authority is required to arrive at a new calculation method for determining the nitrogen standard. This is still calculated by the critical precipitation value (kdw). Farmers organizations are highly critical of this kdw. They want to get rid of him and the government has made it clear that they want to talk about it.

spatial innovations

According to the consultants, there is also a lot of talk about technology and very little about spatial innovations to solve nitrogen-related problems. However, the research has shown that the new spatial concepts have “great solution potential,” the institute wrote. But regulations and finances stand in the way of these innovations. Spatial innovations include, for example, combining forests with agriculture, energy-generating farmers and urban agriculture.

The Council of Governmental Advisers provides the government with wanted and unwanted advice on issues where the quality of our physical environment is at stake. According to the institute, the task of nitrogen is such an unequivocal issue.

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