The importance of a healthy indoor climate at home

March 23, 14:25

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A healthy indoor climate contributes to better health. However, research shows that the indoor climate in Dutch homes is often poor. Ventilation in many homes is very little. This, along with increasingly better insulation, creates an imbalance in air quality. This leads to various health problems and risks.

Dry eyes, skin irritation, more allergies, poor resistance, respiratory problems, chronic colds, these are just some of the health problems caused by a bad indoor climate. Nausea, headache, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating can be caused by an unhealthy indoor climate. Since these are very general signals, it also means that people are less likely to think about the air quality in the home. After all, headaches and fatigue can always occur. You may not immediately think about improving the air quality in your home. It is therefore important to be open to these signals and to intervene in a timely manner if necessary. After all, the importance of a healthy indoor climate in the house is enormous.

How does unhealthy indoor climate cause?
An unhealthy indoor climate can arise in different ways. Usually this has to do with a large amount humidity in the house† Humidity problems are often a source of indoor climate deterioration.

However, humidity in the house is inevitable. We produce a liter of moisture every day. Just by living, breathing and doing our things at home. So there is no escape from this. Pets and plants also produce moisture. Not to mention everyday activities that send more water vapor into the air. Think showering and cooking.

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It is impossible to avoid these things. That is why it is necessary to look for ways to solve the problem of moisture. The only solution is to choose better ventilation. And no, just opening the window for a while is not enough. With good ventilation, clean air should be provided 24/7. So you should consider a mechanical ventilation system throughout the house.

Air quality measurement
Are you unsure about the air quality in your home? Or do you have the idea that you’re doing everything you can to improve air quality, but you’re still noticing signs of an unhealthy indoor climate? Then it is better to take a professional measurement. An air specialist can tell you exactly how much air quality can be improved and the best way to deal with this. This way you immediately have a plan of attack ready to start.

In any case, it is a good idea to take your complaint seriously and take good care of the signs at home. Do you see more and more condensation on the windows? Do you discover a lot of mold spots in your home? Then these are good indicators of the lack of a healthy indoor climate. In this case, it is necessary to find out the cause and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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