The iPhone 16 camera solves this annoying problem

The next iPhone will get some great improvements. In any case, the iPhone 16 camera solves an annoying problem.

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The iPhone 16 camera solves this annoying problem

The iPhone 16 camera will solve a problem that has plagued Apple devices for years. You mainly see this problem when taking night photos, but in reality it is always visible.

Sometimes, after you take the photo, you see strange colored dots (often green). They are immediately noticeable, especially against a dark background. The strange colored dots are Lens flares. You mainly see these dots when you photograph a (bright) light source.

Any lens can get this lens flare and many smartphones suffer from it, but it seems to be more prominent on iPhones. You can see more explanation about the problem in the video below.

iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera: Glares Fixed??

Apple previously addressed this issue to some extent with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but unfortunately it still exists. Soon with the iPhone 16 (possibly iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max), the problem will finally be resolved.

At least, that's what he says yeux1122 On the Korean blog Nivar. The account has previously written detailed details about the yet-to-be-released iPad and iPhone devices. But take these rumors with a grain of salt.

The message indicates that Apple is currently testing a camera lens with a new coating for the upcoming iPhone. Hopefully, the iPhone 16 will be less affected (or even not affected at all) by the lens flare issue.

Previous rumors have already mentioned that the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) camera will have a larger and better main sensor. This means that photo and video functionality will be improved. This makes the iPhone 16 Pro Max's camera sensor approximately 12 percent larger.

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