The iPhone 16 Pro Max has a larger, more advanced camera sensor

According to recent reports from Asia, from a Weibo user’s digital chat station, the iPhone 16 Pro Max promises to bring a significant improvement in the camera arena. The focus appears to be on the advanced 48MP Sony IMX903 sensor, designed with specific features to enhance photography and video capabilities.

New camera for iPhone 16 Pro Max

This 48MP sensor features a stacked design, 14-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital gain control (DCG) for improved dynamic range and noise reduction performance. Additionally, the sensor is 12% larger than its predecessors, resulting in better low-light performance, greater dynamic range and better bokeh effect.

In addition to the camera upgrades, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will reportedly have a slightly more curved display. This change is not only limited to appearance, but should also ensure that the device is more comfortable to operate. The design is an evolution of the current iPhone 15 series. Furthermore, the iPhone 16 Pro models will have almost the same thickness as their predecessors, as Apple aims to strike a balance between performance, battery life and a slim design.

The digital chat station has a history of providing accurate information about future Apple products. The iPhone 16 series, consisting of the iPhone 16 (Plus) and iPhone 16 Pro (Max), is expected to be launched in September 2024.

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