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The Italian coast guard is trying to rescue about 1,200 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea on Monday, crammed onto two fishing boats. The Coast Guard has already collected 2,000 people from the sea in various operations since Friday.

An operation is currently underway to remove 800 migrants from an overcrowded fishing boat, the Coast Guard said, adding that this is particularly complicated because the boat is overcrowded.

The boat is located in Italian waters, more than 190 kilometers southeast of Siracusa, in Sicily. Three Coast Guard patrol boats and a merchant vessel are taking part in the rescue operation, coordinated by the Coast Guard ship “Naf Peloso”.

2000 people

A second fishing boat carrying 400 migrants was intercepted in Italian waters by the Coast Guard ship “Diciotti” southeast of Cape Passero, at the southern tip of Sicily. According to the Coast Guard, two commercial vessels were involved in the rescue operation. The alert phone, a number for those in distress at sea, said on Twitter Monday that migrants on the ship had “panic”.

The coast guard said about 2,000 people have been rescued in multiple operations since Friday. Thousands of migrants have reached Italian shores, including the island of Lampedusa, in recent days after the perilous journey in makeshift boats from the North African coast.

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