The James Webb Space Telescope takes an image of a circular, circular galaxy | News

According to space agencies, the wagon wheel system has always been shrouded in some mystery due to the large amounts of dust. The Hubble telescope has also previously looked at this galaxy, but the “wires” in the wheel, for example, are more visible in the new image. Thus, Hubble is much less specialized than James Webb in the infrared part of the spectrum, and this specific ability is required for seeing through dust.

The various instruments of the James Webb Telescope reveal a number of things. Individual stars and star-forming regions can be seen in a galaxy, for example, and the behavior of a black hole can be seen in the center. The image is a composite, a composite of data from a near-infrared camera (NIRCam) and a medium-infrared (MIRI) device.

James Webb’s data once again shows that the Cartwheel system is in a transitional phase. It was once thought to be an ordinary galaxy like the Milky Way, but in the past there was a high-speed collision between a large spiral galaxy and a small galaxy not visible in the image. due to the collision, the shape and structure changed; There are two rings and astronomers call them a ring galaxy. Last month, space agencies released the first five images of James Webb.

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