The kidnapped woman made tens of thousands of euros after her release, but ends up in prison when the truth comes out

Sherry Babini, 39, of Reading, California, was reunited with her family on Thanksgiving Day in 2016. “I’m glad this nightmare is over,” he said.

The woman was reported missing by her husband on November 2. The police and the courts have spared no effort to find her. But the investigation showed nothing. The family was told to expect the worst case scenario. Because the police were afraid that she had fallen into the hands of a psychopath, not a kidnapper. How is it possible that there was no demand to pay the ransom yet?

When she disappeared, Babini went jogging near her home, 350 kilometers north of San Francisco. Her husband, Keith Babini, only found her cell phone and headphones when he went to look for her after it was found that she had not picked up the children from daycare without notice, which is not her habit at all.

Keith was questioned as a suspect two weeks later, but he passed a polygraph test without any problems. A Detroit man, whom she had spoken to meet shortly before her disappearance, was also released. They arranged to meet, but in the end they did not meet.

But 22 days after her disappearance, Sherry suddenly reappears. Injured in the face and bruises in the arms and legs. Police said in a press conference that she was apparently gagged while in prison. She also showed blue marks and burns on her arms and legs. Her long blond hair was cut to the shoulders.


Everyone felt very sorry for her and her family. She received $30,000 in damages almost immediately from the California Victims Compensation Board.

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The interrogations after that were difficult. Because she can remember little details. The forensic psychiatrist who examined her said she may have suffered severe trauma.

Sherry Papini told police she was kidnapped by two Spanish women. They were masked and armed. The FBI even hired an artist to take an automated photo of the alleged kidnappers.

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But the investigation showed nothing. Papini was left alone after a while, but the researchers continued to work on the file in silence. Using new techniques, they discovered that her body and clothing contained both the male and female DNA of the time. This eventually leads to a suspect: her ex-boyfriend. A man with a full criminal record.

The man was closely censored and it was reported that Papini actually stayed with him for a while during that time. But there was no kidnapping issue. He even had to laugh when the investigators asked him the question.

She asks him to take her in Reading. The man’s cousin also told investigators that he had already met Bashir twice at his cousin’s apartment, but there was no kidnapping issue. “Everything was very friendly. We ate and drank together. There was a lot of laughing. That woman didn’t look unhappy at all. I definitely didn’t see any injuries,” he said.

Three weeks later, this cousin, managed to find a batch from 2016, and rent a car to get the woman back to Redding. He said he did not know how she was injured, when police showed him photographs taken of the victim shortly after the incidents.

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Fell through the basket

In the face of all these elements, Sherry Papini fell through the cracks. Now she’s been arrested five years later for lying to federal agents about the kidnapping. And to deceive. You will not only have to repay all the money donated. She also faces imprisonment and a heavy fine.

GoFundMe raised a total of $49,000 to financially support the family. With that money, Judge says now, they basically bought luxury goods.

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