The latest Windows Server 2022 patch breaks browsers

The latest Windows Server 2022 update is causing problems for users. Chrome and Firefox, among others, will not work after the update.

Microsoft is making a buzz with the latest patch for Windows Server 2022. Anyone running this operating system on their desktop after installation will notice that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox no longer work. Other Chromium browsers like Edge from Microsoft itself are also said to be experiencing issues.

(un)known problem

in Record Microsoft says it is aware of the flaws and is investigating them. On the Web page about the update However, there is no information about any known issues. KB5034129 was released on January 9 and fixes several security issues. So in theory, it’s important to install the patch as quickly as possible. In practice, affected users must uninstall the update if they want to use the disabled apps again.

The fact that a browser like Chrome stops working is not indicative of adequate testing on Microsoft’s part. It once again leaves users and administrators with an unpleasant dilemma: ignore a patch that fixes known security issues, or risk other annoying issues after the patch.

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