The long-lost prequel series of ‘Monty Python’ has been discovered in the ITV archives

“The Complete and Absolute History of Britain” lays the foundations for “Monty Python.”

Famous British pranksters Monty Python Flying Circus They left their mark on television history in the last century, but their time is not over, as it now seems. A prequel to the popular series was discovered in the ITV archives, called The Complete and Absolute History of Britain.

This original series was written and starred by Michael Palin and Terry Jones, and was broadcast in January and February 1969 on London Weekend Television.

The Complete and Absolute History of Britain

The comedy series was intended to be a satirical documentary about the national history of the United Kingdom. This set the tone that would later be reflected in popular series and various films, e.g Brian’s life And Holy Grailwill return.

The idea was to reenact history as if television had been there all along, to show how famous British events would have developed. Thus many kings are transformed into clutches, with sufficient comedic effect.

Foundations laid

Within a few months a group of Monty Python Formed and preceded the recordings Flying circus It started soon. Only the first two episodes of the “pre-series” have been preserved in their entirety.

Through an accidental discovery in the archives, ITV staff discovered that they had for years owned the complete set of six episodes from the series. The Complete and Absolute History of Britain It was saved incorrectly. Now they can finally share the series with the world again.

To look at

ITV’s broadcasting division has restored the series and can now count on all episodes on their streaming service. In the UK, this valuable page of television history can now be enjoyed via ITVX Premium And britbox

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It is still unclear whether the series will also be available to international viewers.

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