The Long Wait in France: Nearly 1,000 Kilometers of …

On Saturday afternoon, there are already long traffic jams on many European motorways to the south. France in particular has a lot of queues totaling 962 kilometers of traffic jams. That reports the Touring Mobility Organization. There are also (long) traffic jams here and there in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Especially in the Rhône Valley on the A7 motorway in both directions (200 km of traffic jam), on the A10 Paris-Bordeaux (75 km of traffic jams) and the A71 Vierzon-Clermont Ferrand (58 km of traffic jams) it is currently a very busy altitude. More information about The situation on the French roads It can be found here (in French).

in a Germany It is particularly busy with traffic jams in both directions at the A1 Osnabruck-Hamburg-Lubeck and the A8 Karslruhe-Munich-Salzburg, among others.

In the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland Drivers in both directions should expect delays of up to an hour while driving Austria You can join Tauerntunnel and Karawankentunnel.

in a Italy Traffic jams are mainly located around Bologna and Verona, while in Croatia Waiting between Zagreb and Karlovac. in a Slovenia Finally, it’s busy in Karawankentunnel, near the capital, Ljubljana and on the border with Croatia.

This weekend is another red weekend on European motorways.

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