The map shows the latest eruption on the mainland of China with high delta cases

In recent weeks, new cases of Govt-19 cases have appeared on the mainland of China Highly contagious delta variant It is spreading across the country.

So far this month, the number of cases spreading domestically over China’s mainland has risen to 878 – more than double the 390 cases recorded throughout July, according to CNBC’s daily data released by the Chinese National Health Authority.

To be clear, the number of reported infections in China is much lower than in many other countries – new cases have emerged, including in the United States. This is an average of 100,000 per day, In In Southeast Asia Daily cases there rose sharply.

However, Chinese authorities have imposed target locks, tightened operational restrictions and ordered massive tests. Controlling the recent rise of Govt cases.

Economists have expressed concern China’s tolerance of Govt. As in many countries around the world, the government is determined to prevent any escalation of the Govt case. United Kingdom In Singapore She begins to accept that the virus will never die.

HSBC economists said in a statement on Wednesday that some drivers of economic growth continued to lose momentum as China struggled to fully recover domestic consumption, with a recent increase in covet cases.

Economists note that the number of new infections reported in China is the highest since the outbreak in northern China in December 2020.

“As such, many districts and cities have tightened their social distance controls and issued travel restrictions in cities and districts,” they said in a statement.

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“These measures will inevitably affect growth, especially domestic consumption, which has not yet fully returned to its pre-epidemic level,” the researchers said.

HSBC said mounting economic pressures could force Beijing to adopt more “supportive” fiscal policies. This includes infrastructure costs and tax cuts for small and medium businesses, the bank said.

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