The Messages App on iPhone is Full of Hidden Features (And Here They Are)

Your iPhone’s Messages app might not be the most used app, but it could also be because you are not aware of the many hidden features it has. We include them for you

WhatsApp is fun and games — especially since practically everyone uses it — but the iPhone Messages app certainly has its charms, too. Some of the features below appeared with the arrival of iOS 16, and others have been around for quite some time. We won’t keep you in suspense anymore: you really need to know these hidden features!

Hidden Features iPhone Messages App

There are some hidden features. Here they come.

#1 Play games

Have you ever noticed that the Messages app integrates with many other iPhone apps? Tap the App Store icon in the chat and select a game. Make sure it is suitable for iMessage. If your conversation partner has the same game installed, you can play it together.

iMessage WhatsApp iOS 16 macOS Ventura
Free but very closed. (photo: OneMoreThing)

#2 Add effects

It is possible to manually add effects and animations to messages on your iPhone. Write your message first and then press and hold the send button. Add effects via buttons bubble And a screen. When done, hit the submit button.

#3 Animations of the word in letters

Several words have secret animations attached to them. Think for example of “Merry Christmas” or “Congratulations”, but also “Happy New Year”, “Pew Bio” and “Eid Mubarak”. The Messages app on your iPhone isn’t the only app that can do this, but it’s still an easy way to staff a piece of text.

#4 Track flights on your iPhone

If you want to transmit and view flight information, you can also do that via the Messages app. All you have to do is enter the flight number and send it to a friend or family member. Then you and your friend or family member (with an iPhone) will see the flight information appear by pressing and holding the flight number.

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The Messages App on iPhone is Full of Hidden Features (And Here They Are)

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