The Mexican president sees a “Mayan dwarf” in a tree outside

In the photo, a night photograph of a tree, some branches resembling a halo of hair can be seen. There are also two lights, maybe the stars show through the branches, but that makes them look like “hair halo” eyes.

The president commented on the photos: “I am sharing two photos from our oversight of the Mayan Train Works.” “One, made by an engineer three days ago, apparently from alux; another, by Diego Prieto, for a beautiful pre-Hispanic sculpture at Ek Palam. Everything is mystical.” Although, according to Obrador, the photo was supposed to have been taken The first on February 22, however, some users on social media suggest the photo was to have been taken in Indonesia in 2021. Then there was also the story about a mythical creature in the tree.

López Obrador has always expressed respect for indigenous cultures and beliefs. According to traditional Maya beliefs, the Aluxes are mischievous little creatures that live in forests and fields and are prone to deceiving people, for example by hiding things. Some people leave small offerings to appease them.

The ancient Maya civilization reached its peak from 300 to 900 AD in the Yucatan Peninsula and adjacent parts of Central America, but the descendants of the Maya still live in the peninsula.

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