The Minister of Health has been criticized for making statements about mental health

In a Facebook post last year, Bjøkholt wrote the following, according to which: today’s work :

– I believe that the “epidemic” of mental illness that is spreading among young people, especially girls today, is caused in part by the therapists themselves. Psychologists and health nurses legitimize their existence through community therapy. Very important discussion!

The message associated with the comment article in Aftenposten.

– These texts caused upheaval. I will regret it

Bjørkholt has a background as a general practitioner and was appointed Secretary of State to Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (PvdA) on Friday. He had previously been criticized for a now-deleted Facebook post thanking Hege Storhaug of the Human Rights Service.

– Since my appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs, many of my previous statements on social media have been mentioned in the media. These texts caused unrest. sorry, Bjørkholt vertelt DN.

He declined to say whether he regretted the uproar the statements made or their content.

Lil Sveridetter Larsen, leader of the Norwegian Association of Nurses, said she was upset by the statement and asked the health minister to clarify what the political leadership represented in the ministry.

– She says what he does is highlight his profession and show some understanding to psychologists and health nurses.

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