The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is concerned with the situation on campus for students – Dagblad Suriname

After hearing many complaints about the situation on the student campus, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture recently issued a response about the situation.

The situation is worsening day by day

The situation is not rosy yet. Hundreds of students, mostly from districts, still have to use rooms on site. There is still much left unsaid about the safety of their transportation and the availability of necessary resources.

Visit after notification

After reporting in Dagblad Suriname that the situation had deteriorated, the campus’s governing body went to the site to inspect the same. However, the situation, which has been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, has different outcomes.

Ministry regarding this issue

The Ministry’s information service, in the person of Danek van Varseveld, indicated in an interview with the editors of Dagblad Suriname that the Ministry was not previously aware of the problems on the student campus. The ministry also held a meeting with the campus council on November 9.

In response to the editor’s question about requests for lighting, for Van Varsveld, these requests were not directed at the Ministry. When asked about the construction of student apartments under construction, Ban Varseveld pointed out that the construction is a matter for the Ministry of Public Works.

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