The Missing Link in Our Modern Diet

Tholen-Oerbouillon won twice last month during the Organic Products Election (general prize and second prize from the jury). In her presentation, Christel van der Meer defined Oerbouillon as “delicious, strong, easy to use, and very healthy for everyone – a healthy powerhouse”. Soon, the Oerbouillon range will be expanded with its chicken type. There will also be a vegan variety in time. “I was pleased to hear that the jury in the Organic Products Election is very passionate about Oerbouillon and that they are also interested in scaling up,” says Kristel.

Kristel verified with the choice of organic products to the fore.

It calls for us to take our health into our own hands in the future. “For me, it is about the product’s properties and its honest story. That’s why the nutritional values ​​have been scientifically researched. When you talk about ancient broth, you’re talking about collagen. Collagen that is easily absorbed in the form of gelatin. The missing link in us is a very healthy modern diet for the intestines, body and ends of the bottle. The small ones make it possible to take it daily or in spa form as a support at the end of the day or as breakfast to start a healthy day. For example, you can give it as a gift for someone in recovery. I prefer Oerbouillon to hospitals, because it is a healthy gift and gives a lot of potential if you have little energy (Digestive), for example.

Origin and production process
Kristel started 5 years ago and built everything herself. “For a festival next to our farm, I made a large kettle out of primitive broth for the first time. The recipe has been developed since that time and has a more spicy taste, but is still gelatinous. Because Oer’s broth is only bone-in, Oer broth has no meat flavor and contains no meat on Launch, which makes it different from regular beef broth. It is the elixir of life and it is delicious. The taste of delicious umami is created after a few hours of infusion at low temperature. The main broth does not contain any added salt, this makes the primitive broth also suitable for people who like Eat low amounts of salt. “

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Initially, Kristel made Oerbouillon by himself, but in order to grow professional preparation was required on a large scale. Production moved to IJmuiden. “I did the labeling and packing with the help of my family. There was a label machine in my house and the stickers were used every day by my kids and their friends.” Next, Kristel wanted to go from plastic to glass. And for this I approached Michelle Janssen from KleinsteSoepfabriek in Lake. She’s been working with him since August 2019. “Michelle was intrigued by my story, and like me, he was convinced that Oerbouillon was a valuable addition – to our modern diet. As Michelle himself says; he cares about organic and delicious foods and I care about health. Now my elixir of life is drawn there.”

big success
Since the creation of Oerbouillon, the volume of business has doubled every year. The first retail chain to include the product is Organic Food For You. “Oerbouillon has been on Organic shelves since 2017. Co-founder Eric Verduin decided to sell it after hearing my story. This was a very important step for the company. Oerbouillon has been on Udea shelves since the end of 2019. The plan is to better put Oerbouillon on the map with retailers with Marketing package won. Now a lot is being sold mainly online. The plan is to sell Oerbouillon in many places. “

Love, creativity and cloud boxes
In addition to Oerbouillon as a healer in Zen Shiatsu, Christel has a practice of perceiving body and meaning. How long can these two go together is the question: “It’s so exciting how it will turn out, because the primordial broth keeps growing. Fortunately, I can put myself in it a lot. My love for health and creativity and my mission is to put as many people as possible in Their natural strength. I do it as a healer, but also with Oerbouillon !. Oerbouillon maintains my strength and fitness, and I also enjoy pull boxes with pleasure. So I feel so happy and grateful for that all the primitive broth gives me. ”

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