The mother of her missing friend Lina (15 years old) puts forward a striking hypothesis: “She was injured while she was within a 20-kilometre radius” | outside

France has been continuously searching for Lina since September 23. The 15-year-old was supposed to take the train from her village in the Vosges region to Strasbourg that day to visit her boyfriend, Tao, 19, but she never arrived. The French newspaper “Le Figaro” reported today that Tao’s mother made a wonderful statement.

look. What happened to us?

The woman reportedly told the SIU on September 24 that “Lina was injured in her legs and was said to be in an abandoned house or factory within a 20-kilometre radius.” But no one knows on what basis the woman’s suspicions are based.

Investigators have already combed the entire area. Police dogs, helicopters and drones were also used in the search. The police also conducted a telephone investigation without results.

Tao’s mother’s testimony is another remarkable event, but Lina is still missing. She previously called on her mother “not to spread misleading information” about the disappearance and to respect the investigation. The Strasbourg Public Prosecutor’s Office expects this investigation to take a long time.

Last week, Tao’s phone was found. The friend lost his phone the day after Lena disappeared. However, it is not known whether the mobile phone investigation actually yielded useful information.

look. The father of his fellow villager Lina: “His daughter was approached by an unknown man twice.”

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