The much-discussed film about Auschwitz will be shown in more cinemas

“Area of ​​Interest,” about the Auschwitz concentration camp, attracted more than 37,000 visitors in its first weekend. Distributor Cinéart reported this on Tuesday. As of Thursday, the film will be shown not in 72, but in eighty cinemas.

“It is very special for a film like this to be a huge success.”

Area of ​​interestThe film, which was nominated for five Oscars, shows the life lived by Auschwitz camp commandant Rudolf Hoss in a luxurious villa next to the camp. The atrocities are not visible within the walls, but screams, barking dogs, pyres and gunshots are heard constantly.

“It’s very special for a film like this to do so well,” says a Cinéart spokesperson. “It’s a powerful film that you want to think about and talk about when you finish it. It’s not the kind of movie where you immediately expect such full houses.”

Many media outlets paid attention to the film’s release last week. Many experts in the field of the Holocaust have praised the film, such as director Bertjan Minkow of the Westerbork Memorial Camp. This was also stated earlier by the director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Area of ​​interest As far as it is concerned, it is one of the best films ever made about Auschwitz.

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Source: ANP/RTL Boulevard

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