‘The Netherlands has the best telecom network in the world’

The Netherlands has the best mobile network in the world. This is evident from the latest edition of the annual survey by consultancy firm Umlad.

For its research, the consultancy – part of Accenture – studied mobile networks in several countries, including the United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. This analysis shows that the provider KPN has the best telecommunications network in the world.

KPN – which also topped the global rankings last year – scored 980 out of 1000 points in this edition of the survey. According to Umlad, this is the highest score ever measured. “No other country in the world has a better mobile network than the Netherlands,” says Babak Fouladi, CTO of KPN.

Competitors T-Mobile Netherlands and Vodafone Netherlands scored 969 and 963 respectively this year. Three years ago, T-Mobile Netherlands led the global ranking, but has since achieved a slightly lower score (961 points).

Hakan Egmen, CEO of Umlad’s telecommunications branch, is very impressed with the Dutch mobile network. “Companies show better results and achieve better scores in the credibility category of our test.”


To determine the quality of various mobile networks, the researchers conducted all kinds of measurements between August 2022 and February 2023 in several locations of our country – urban and rural. In total, Umlaut surveyed the area, where nearly 35% of the population was Dutch.

In addition, the researchers collected a large amount of data from phones and tablets that were active in our country during the last six months. Based on the results of these data and metrics, KPN emerged as the winner.

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KPN scored high in every single test category. Fouladi: “At KPN, we do our best every day to provide the best quality and service to our customers throughout the Netherlands. So we are proud to get this recognition again.”

Anywhere else in the world

When comparing Dutch scores with those from abroad, the differences in quality become clear. For example, in Germany Telekom scored 952: 28 points less than KPN and significantly less than second place in the Netherlands.

Compared to the UK, Dutch telecom dominance is even more evident. The winner in the UK was EE, which scored 878, while Vodafone’s UK arm stuck at 775: nearly 200 points lower than its Dutch sibling.

Vodafone Spain does slightly better than its British counterpart with a score of 868. Leading the Spanish rankings is telecom company Movistar with a score of 875.

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