The Netherlands is a bigger beer country than Belgium

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According to data from the Eurostat statistics office for 2021, the Netherlands is a bigger beer country than Belgium in terms of production and exports. Our northern neighbors are also the biggest exporters of beer in the EU with 1.9 billion litres.

Source: Belga

Belgium should take second place with 1.7 billion liters of beer exports. This represents 19 percent of beer exported from Europe. Non-alcoholic beer is not included.

Germany remains Europe’s largest producer of beer, with 7.5 billion liters or almost a quarter of all beer brewed in Europe. Germans themselves drink a lot, because they are the third largest exporter (1.6 billion liters).

After Germany, Poland and Spain (3.7 billion liters) and the Netherlands (2.5 billion liters) are the main beer producers. Belgium is not in the top five. In total, 33.1 billion liters of beer were brewed last year (+3 percent). That’s 78 liters per European.

The main destinations for European beer are England and the United States. About 41 percent of all beer exported from Europe ends up in those two countries. Russia was still in third place in 2021.

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