The Netherlands provides F-35s and commandos for NATO defense

Defense deploys two F-35 combat aircraft, including support personnel. This is for the months of April and May this year. The aircraft then performs the so-called rapid reaction alert missions from Bulgaria. Fighters can be deployed on the spot to intercept unidentified aircraft over the NATO treaty area. This will be the first time the defense has deployed the F-35.

An amphibious transport ship, including landing craft and helicopters, and two land units are also on standby. They can be deployed in the so-called Initial Follow-up Forces Group (IFFG) of the NATO Response Force (NRF). The National Salvation Front is NATO’s rapid reaction force. The IIFG is part of this and could be deployed to monitor VJTF forces. The North Atlantic Council decides whether this rapid reaction force will be deployed to defend the Allies.

calm down

Olungren: All efforts are aimed at calming the situation through dialogue and diplomacy. Ultimately, this is in the interest of all parties involved. At the same time, it is important to be prepared for the undesirable scenario of failed conversations. For this reason, as part of the two-track policy, we will continue to focus on deterrence and defense as well as dialogue.”

“The Cabinet supports a clear message to Russia that aggressive action will lead to a sharp tightening of US and European sanctions, as recently indicated by US President Biden and EU High Representative Borrell. The Cabinet will support EU (economic) sanctions in the event of continued Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

Previously shown contribution

The contribution comes in addition to the Dutch contribution already made to existing NATO alliances. For example, the Netherlands will command the NATO Fleet Association Standing List of NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) throughout this year. This is one of the four permanent NATO naval response forces. Mrs. Rotterdam is the temporary flagship of SNMG1, controlled by NATO Naval Headquarters in Northwood, UK.

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Earlier this year, the Netherlands indicated at the European Union’s meeting of defense and foreign affairs ministers that it is committed to easing tensions on the border between Ukraine and Russia. This requires a balanced package of military and non-military safeguards. Strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defense is one point.

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