The new event site Play South is officially opened: “Here you step behind the scenes of the world of television” (Antwerp)

New event location Play South.© Jan van der Berry


The new Play event location officially opened its doors today in Vlaamsekaai in the heart of Antwerp. Viewers can go here for a “full entertainment package”: live shows, previews, events, but also for a nice drink. “Everyone is welcome at Play Zuid,” says Martijn Bal, Play Media’s Director of Live Entertainment.

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You may have already seen the inside of the Play Zuid on your TV. Currently, the site is home to programs such as Schedule of the fourAnd Jan Yap on Sunday And Tulips from AntwerpBut more programs will be added in the future. From now on, SBS Belgium, the company behind Play Channels, will also go by a different name. “From now on we are talking about Play Media,” CEO Jeroen Bronselaer announced during the opening.

Martijn Bal, Benjamin Dalle, and Jeroen Bronselaer.© Jan van der Berry

Real experience

“We are delighted to be able to open this Play Center in Antwerp. We also like to work with people in the region. Everyone is welcome at Play Zuid and the experience is central here. Once you set foot here, you find yourself behind the scenes of a TV city. People can attend finals and priority here, But they are also welcome to have a pint,” explains Martijn Bal. “The focus is not only on television. In the future, we will also organize broadcast parties and companies can also use the site for events and meetings.”

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Accompanied by a fanfare group, Benjamin Dahl (CD&V), Minister of Information, inaugurated the new location by tossing a bottle of champagne at the front door. According to him, Play South will contribute to building the community. “People can gather on this site. This creates a sense of community. The investment in this new housing is therefore important for the quality of our Flemish TV and that quality is there. Just look at Play, for example james the musical which won the prestigious Gold Award. It’s great to see that innovation is becoming a reality here at Play South.”

The marching band ceremonially opens the site.© Jan van der Berry

Play South is open Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m.

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