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Good news for everyone who does not have a phone. The manufacturer rolled out the updates last week. For example, the phone (1) will get a completely renewed Android skin and the phone (2) will receive many software improvements. Read about it here

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Nothing Phone (1) gets Nothing OS 2.0

Let’s start with the phone (1). It will receive this biggest update, which is the new Android version. Phone (1) came out of the box with Nothing operating system as standard. This shell was based on Android 12. Nothing OS 1.5 appeared in Feb 2023, which often looked the same, but it’s running on Android 13. Now it doesn’t show anything OS 2.0 on the phone (1) and the shell has the look of Completely new and useful add-ons.

Most notable is the overall style of Nothing OS 2.0. For example, the app icons are black and white by default, you see the Nothing font again, and a lot of new widgets have been added. These range from an analog or digital clock to weather and quick setting buttons.

Eye-catching: Nothing now also gives you the option to add widgets to your lock screen. This is something you don’t see with most other manufacturers. The interface of the Glyph has also been improved – the light installation on the back of the smartphone.

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Just like on the phone (2), you now have the option to associate an app with a specific light strip. Once you get a notification from this app, only this light will stay on. You can now also easily turn on all Glyph lights by long pressing the flashlight button.

Nothing Phone 2 gets Nothing OS 2.0.2a

It’s also a party for those who got the latest style out of nothing. The phone (2) has been updated with a lot of camera improvements. For nothing, indoor lighting or low light has improved.

In addition, the HDR mode has been significantly overhauled. This mode takes several shots to get a better exposure, but they are often a bit colorless. Nothing solved this problem, and HDR is now a little faster. Photos should look better on both the selfie and rear cameras.

none iphone (2)

This is how you install the latest software updates

Do you have a phone that is nothing and still running on old software? Then you can update it now. Grab your smartphone and go to the Settings app. Scroll down until you find the System menu. Click on that and select System Update.

Your smartphone will now check for an update for you. Follow the steps to install it. Is your smartphone not yet indicating that there is an update? Please be patient and try again later.

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Curious about what we think of the Phone 2? Then read our comprehensive review. Would you rather watch? Then click on the video below, in which we tell you everything you need to know about the latest Nothing Phone!

Nothing Phone (2): These 8 Things You Need to Know

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