The next cheap “OnePus Nord CE” has been leaked

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Among other things, the final OnePlus Nord CE name has been leaked. It is the successor to the N100 series.

After success OnePlus North Soon the brand came to a follow-up, N100 and N10. That was the end of 2020 and it was time to get a new smartphone in the budget list of the Chinese brand. Recently we regularly hear (and see) information about a smartphone called OnePlus Nord CE. This is what we know.

OnePus Nord CE leaked

Rumors continued for some time around the upcoming North, among other things under the name OnePlus We supply N1 5G. According to tasty Max Jambor, this name is incorrect and it has become “CE”. After that, all the technical journalists jumped for joy. I mean the names “N10” and “N100” were silly enough, but adding N1 (after 10 and 100) just makes it a little blurry.

The device will once again have 5G support, which raises some questions about the specifications. The N10 and N100 received the Snapdragon 690 and there is no successor to it yet. So either OnePlus Nord CE gets an upgrade (700 series for example) or the brand switches to another brand. Another worrying option is that CE is also getting the Snapdragon 690 and only offers an upgrade in other regions.

Based on shows from OnLeaks (via VoiceWe can also conclude that the dimensions and design are not much different from the N10 and N100. The OnePlus Nord CE will get a 6.5-inch LCD screen with a punch-hole front camera. Nothing is known yet about a possible release date.

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