The official Dutch delegation and the Directorate of Culture strengthen partnerships

An official delegation from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science recently visited the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MinOWC). During this visit, discussions were also held with the administration of the Directorate of Culture, with which the cooperation relationship was developed.

Furthermore, the return of the colonial art collection, the inventory of the Surinamese state collection, and the development of talent are discussed in depth. The establishment of a national museum and the training of local cadres were also discussed.

Deputy Director of Culture Clifton Burm also discussed projects such as the Creation of the Nation implemented in elementary schools and the Purp Project in which several historic buildings are being reconstructed.

The Dutch delegation consisted of Michel Falkenbrocht and Henk Hickamp, ​​both Senior Policy Officer for International Cultural Policy, Sarah Knife (Deputy Director of Arts and Heritage) and Tessa Locha (Policy Officer for Culture and Heritage).

In addition to Bram, Acting Director of Culture Gracia Vallis Ormskerk and Political Officer Lalita Adin participated in the discussions.

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