The police must intervene urgently when the dog threatens to die in the owner’s car overheating

The police must intervene urgently when a dog threatens to die in an overheated car © Nottinghamshire Police

In Nottingham, England, the police had to urgently intervene to save this dog’s life. The Shih Tzu left a little lion in his owner’s car in sweltering heat on Monday and barked for help. One of the officers immediately smashed a window to free the animal, after which the four-legged friend was taken to the shade and given water.

source: Mirror

The owner opened the car windows, but that was not enough to keep the animal cool. The dog was taken to the hospital for treatment, but is now in good health. “Please don’t leave dogs in the car on a hot day,” police said. “Had we not been notified of this, the dog is unlikely to survive.” The owner was called by the police for questioning.

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