The Rainforest Alliance launches the “Pessimism is Over” campaign. We’re all in!

The launch of the campaign comes ahead of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), where world leaders will unite to accelerate efforts to combat the climate crisis and promote a sustainable future.

New research conducted by Ipsos in five countries on behalf of the Rainforest Alliance – the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany and Brazil – shows that 76% of respondents are concerned about climate change. 70% believe they personally can make a positive difference by taking action on climate change, while 25% doubt their ability to do so. The study shows that climate action is contagious: 56% of respondents feel encouraged to tackle climate change by people around them who are taking positive action, and 47% agree they would take more action if they knew everyone was doing the same. It is encouraging that 58% are confident in our collective ability to devise and implement joint solutions to address climate change.

“Pessimism is out.” “We’re all in!” The film highlights the importance of hope, optimism and the power of collective action in the fight against climate change. In the film we see a climate hero, full of optimism and faith, who stands firm against the voice of the climate pessimist. This symbolizes the frustrating voice in our heads that claims that we as individuals cannot make a tangible positive difference in the fight against climate change. The film features a cameo appearance from the #1 news creator on TikTok: NewsDaddy (Dylan Page). In a playful way, it indicates to the viewer the current state of the climate. The film is directed by American director Max Joseph, who is not only known as a director but is also known for his role in the MTV series “Catfish”.

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A diverse network of global influencers including Hollywood actress Alicia Silverstone, creative artist Kenya Grace, model, climate activist and founder of DIRT Charity, Arizona Muse, artist Sarah Nelson (Just Froget About It), climate activist Patti Gonia, photographer and activist Mitchell Burns. Isaias Hernandez (Queer Brown Vegan), Support the campaign and join the coalition to reach a diverse audience engaged with the Rainforest Alliance’s mission.

Marco Magurotto, Brand Marketing Director at Rainforest Alliance, emphasizes the vital role of governments and businesses in tackling climate change. “Despite the critical voice in our heads and what we are sometimes led to believe, individuals can certainly make a difference for change in the world. No matter how small and imperfect, every action counts.”

Brand Marketing Manager: Marco Magurotto (Rainforest Alliance)
Project management: Djala den Hartog & Barış Bilgen (Rainforest Alliance)
Director: Max Joseph
Creative Director: Augusto Sola
Executive Producer: Jack Beardsley
Production company: Kodi Media London
DOP Rainforest Unit and Editor: Brett Valentine
DOP UK: Theo Tennant
Post-production: Black Kite
Talent: Jula Jassie / Benedict Hulme / Joyce Lim / Katherine Estrada
Music composition: Jonathan Zalben
Influential Talent Producers: Lucas + Carol

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