The science behind puppy dogs’ eyes

Dogs seem to know exactly when to use the irresistible puppy dog ​​eyes You must publish. Now we also know more about the science behind these adorable facial expressions.

Of all our companion animals, the dog is the best at imitating our facial expressions. Their ability to do this has a lot to do with the type of muscle they have in their faces. To see how these evolved, the researchers compared samples of the facial muscle fibers of modern dogs with samples of the same muscle fibers in the wolf. For example, they saw that dogs—just like humans—have much more fast-twitch muscle fibers than wolves.

Well, it’s really nice that dogs look cute, but maybe they can only do that because we raised them that way. And we haven’t always done that breeding in the right way, judging by the many problems with hereditary diseases and harmful external characteristics. Hill Vitten, she coordinated it Experience Center for Genetics, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine At Utrecht University, he explains how scientists are trying to do something about it.

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