The singer, who had a relationship with the host last year, is heading to the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom Eurovision Song Contest

The BBC will enter on Thursday morning Breakfast show Announce Mueller’s participation, but via Daily Mail The news broke on Wednesday evening. With her private I wrote a song, he hopes to emulate Sam Ryder’s success last year. with number astronaut He finished second in the last edition. Because security in Ukraine cannot be adequately guaranteed, the United Kingdom is allowed to organize the festival. This is the first time that the song festival is being held in the country after 25 years.

Although Mueller is a complete unknown to most, there are some notable facts to her name. In 2019 she was seen supporting the popular girl group Little Mix, but her biggest hit was in 2007. As a 10-year-old girl, she starred in the clip Grace Kelly From Mika who now has 60 million views on YouTube. Mika was one of the presenters of last year’s concert in Turin.

Read more about Grace Kelly’s clip below. If the video doesn’t work, click here This link to see

In Liverpool, Müller competes with Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper, who are also playing for the Netherlands. Last week they revealed which song they were going to the Eurovision Song Contest with. Bookies responded moderately to this figure Burning day, they are now ranked seventeenth in the betting offices. The favorite is still Sweden. They still have to choose their song, but Lorraine – who won the festival in 2012 happiness – Having made such an impression in the preliminary rounds, he is now already assigned more than a 30 percent chance of winning.

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