The Snack & Chill Project wants to promote healthy and local food among high school students

In addition to the snack area, there is a second part of the project, the chill area. The project encourages schools to provide a cool place where students can eat these snacks. Healthy living also wants students to have a say in what this space will look like.

“Who can object to a trendy school bar, where students can enjoy a pleasant conversation between lessons? A win for physical and mental health,” says project leader Laura Vandeweghe of Healthy Living.

In its campaign, the “Healthy Living” program works with the Flemish Center for Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing (VLAM). They carry out campaigns targeting different target groups such as schools, parents, and youth. They want to reach the latter through social media influencers.

“We support this campaign because we believe Snack & Chill is really a way to make schools and youth aware of the importance of healthy and local food. In communication, we don’t want to be pedantic, but we focus on a warm aperitif and socializing. Between classes,” explains VLAM.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the project was tested in 19 different schools. Due to its success, the scheme has been expanded to include other schools. During the test project, 47 percent of the students bought some small-sized fruit, and 75 percent bought them multiple times. 84 percent of students liked the project. Therefore, the health offer was well received and appreciated, “Vandewig concluded.

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