The sofa and feet on the table: why are they so bad for us?

You’ve probably heard it before: Sitting is the new smoking. An active lifestyle helps combat physical complaints. But not just sitting on the couch can also be disastrous for our health. We get into this in more detail.

a sofa

Maybe we all know the feeling. After a long day, nothing is more tempting than lying on the couch, preferably in a horizontal position. Although there is still a little scientific research on the phenomenon of sitting on the couch, it is already clear that it is not good for your muscles. “If your leg is in a cast, it gets thinner as the muscles disappear. Of course, this also happens if you don’t move much. Lying on the couch is the worst example of this,” says Dr. Ted van Essen.

Risk of complaints in the back and neck

Lying on the couch for a while can be very relaxing. But if you sit on the sofa for a long time, it will have the opposite effect. Then this costs energy and you feel more lethargic. In addition, you risk getting too few hours of sleep if you stay in front of the TV until late at night. Doctor Ted also warns of back and neck complaints. “Everyone feels something in the back from time to time, but some have chronic complaints and this reduces quality of life. And if you’re walking around and staring at your phone or tablet, your neck bends a lot. In the long run, this causes pain and restriction of movement.”

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Active sitting position instead of sitting on the sofa

With an active sitting position – that is, sitting upright – you can prevent many complaints. Dr. Ted takes the chair from It’s time for MAXSybrand Niessen is an example. “Sitting in an oscillating chair without a backrest. It enhances the use of muscles and thus prevents back pain.” But isn’t sitting the new smoking? That’s right, which is why Dr. Ted recommends continuing to exercise regularly. “A brisk walk, half an hour a day, is enough.”

Take your feet off the table

Sit upright instead of on the couch. But can you put your feet on the table to relax? It is better not to do this too often. You put your weight on your heels and heels, which puts more on your knees, legs, and hamstrings. It will not last long. It is wise to use a separate footrest if your chair or armchair does not have a built-in seat to rest your feet on. It is important to support your legs rather than your heels.


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(Source: Van Wijk Zitspecialist, MAM Coaching, Doctor Ted. Photo: Shutterstock)

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