The third movie finally comes for The Kissing Booth and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

The third movie from Kissing booth And the third movie from To all the boys I’ve loved before On Netflix. What was already on the air has now been confirmed by Netflix. It will also be the last for both series of films.

Netflix movie lovers Kissing booth at To all the boys I’ve loved before Netflix later this year will spoil the third installment of a romantic comedy. But for the two films, the third will be the last.

To all the boys I’ve loved before

That third movie from To all boys Being the last shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The films are based on the Jenny Han series of books of the same name. This book series consists of three books, each book being converted into one part of the film. The third and final book in that series is To All Boys: Always And Forever, Lara Jean This will also be the last movie in the series.

So Netflix chose to keep it in the original three-part story and not write its own sequel to Jenny Han’s work. The third part of To all boys It will likely appear on Valentine’s Day, just like the first two volumes.

Kissing booth

Also Kissing booth This year is the third and final part. Likes To all boysWho are the movies Kissing booth Based on a book series. It only consists of two parts at the moment. But a third book, like the movie, was due out later this year.

Also here, Netflix will not be adding additional movies to the series. both of them To all the boys I’ve loved before at Kissing booth They were huge successes for the broadcast service. But as has long been known, it’s better to stop at your climax than let the series continue until the biggest fans get tired of it.

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