The U.S. Navy opened fire on Iranian boats in the Persian Gulf

The U.S. navy fired warning shots into the Persian Gulf yesterday as Iranian naval vessels became too close. The ships came within 60 meters of the U.S. Navy, according to the U.S. military.

Radio and megaphone

The Americans tried to warn the Iranians. At first with radio and megaphones, but Iranian boats continued to follow the US Navy closely. The Iranian navy left only until warning shots were fired.

Americans say it is not clear why the incident happened. This has often happened in the past. Who later became mostly local Iranian commanders, who ordered American ships to follow. This is not about top Iranian leaders.

Nuclear deal

The clashes between the ships come at the same time as high-level talks on the Iranian nuclear program. This is being discussed in Vienna. Apart from Iran, the European Union, Russia, China, Germany, France and the United Kingdom top the list.

The United States, which withdrew from the 2015 International Atomic Energy Agency three years ago and renewed sanctions on Iran, is in Vienna but is not directly involved in the talks.

The purpose of the talks is to reconcile both Iran and the United States.

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