The United Kingdom once again warns against traveling to Morocco

May 4, 2024 – 10:00 – The World


The British Foreign Office has warned British tourists wishing to travel to Morocco that they should pay close attention to the strict passport requirements imposed by the Moroccan authorities.

According to the site Birmingham LiveQuoting the Moroccan Embassy in the UK, British travelers must have a passport valid for at least three months from the date of arrival in Morocco. Anyone who does not comply with this may be banned from entering the country.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also warns that some travelers were prevented from entering Morocco due to their damaged passports, while others faced problems leaving the Kingdom because their passports were not stamped upon arrival.

“Make sure your passport is not damaged. Some travelers have been denied entry when they were traveling with a damaged passport,” the State Department said in its warning.

Morocco is a popular destination for British tourists. The United Kingdom is considered one of the most important countries exporting tourists to Morocco after France.

The Foreign Office’s warning has sparked a response from British tourists. On Tripadvisor, a British expat living in Morocco points out that the Foreign Office’s advice may seem negative, but is intended to alert travelers to potential risks. He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs encourages travelers to use common sense and confirms that there are currently no restrictions on travel to Morocco.

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Another British tourist praises the friendliness and generosity of Moroccans. “I have discovered that Moroccans are very friendly and hospitable. Have a nice trip!”

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