The United Nations approves a resolution for a formal and permanent relationship with the Taliban in Afghanistan | Abroad

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday approved a resolution establishing a formal and lasting relationship with the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Taliban regime has not yet been internationally recognized.

The resolution, which does not use the word “Taliban”, describes the new mandate of the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan (Manoa) for a period of one year. The resolution was passed by 14 votes. Only Russia abstained from the vote. The resolution includes various parts of cooperation in the humanitarian and political spheres and the protection of human rights.

“This new mandate for Manoa is critical not only to addressing the immediate humanitarian and economic crisis, but also to achieving our vital goal of peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Mona Gul, Norwegian Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

“With this new mandate, the council is sending a clear message that Manoa has a critical role to play in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan and supporting the Afghan people who are facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty,” Gul added.

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