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No less than 836 parrots: many of the birds were brought to an American animal shelter on Christmas Eve. “We weren’t expecting a Christmas present,” the Detroit animal welfare group wrote on its Facebook page. The sanctuary was shocked by the poor living conditions in which the animals found themselves. Fortunately, they can count on a lot of help accommodating a large group of birds.

The birds were lowered into the shelter by the owner’s son. The first shipment of birds – consisting of 497 specimens – was brought to the refuge on December 23. They lived in a room very close to each other. The animal shelter described the condition of the birds as extremely unhealthy. “We were in shock, but we couldn’t get the birds away. They were all crammed into seven cages and suffocated each other. They needed immediate help.”


The owner had already planned to breed a few birds, but that got out of hand. And the BBC reported that he ended up spending around €1,056 a month on the birds. The shelter indicates the terrible irresponsibility of the owner. “Helping these creatures takes a lot of hands. We are grateful for all the help and everyone committed to giving these birds a good home.”

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Two days later, the son lowered another 339 birds into the crates. So the counter came to 836. Now the birds all need shelter. They will be given up for adoption, but must first be checked out by a vet. The shelter notes that adopting a parrot is a 6 to 15 year commitment. They concluded: “Like any pet, they should be part of the family.”

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