The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia sign an agreement on security and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, but China resented

US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, together, but from a distance, held a press conference in which they presented the charter of the American University of Kosovo.

With this agreement, the three countries want to further expand their military cooperation. They will share advanced military technology, as well as their knowledge of artificial intelligence and electronic technology. First, the US and UK will help Australia build new nuclear-powered submarines.

Perhaps eight new submarines will be built in the Australian city of Adelaide. Australian Prime Minister Morrison confirmed that Australia has no plans to develop nuclear weapons.

Morrison spoke of an “improved” partnership. “A partnership where technology, scientists, businesses, and our armed forces work together to create a safer region for everyone to benefit from.”

British Prime Minister Johnson spoke of a “new chapter” in the friendly relations between the two countries. US President Biden described the agreement as “another historic step” in cooperation between the three countries, “as we all recognize the importance of ensuring long-term peace and stability around the Indo-Pacific.”

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