The value of exports rose significantly last year, mainly due to higher prices –

The Hague (ANP) – The value of goods exported by the Netherlands exceeded 700 billion euros for the first time last year, according to the Central Statistics Office. Compared to 2021, export value increased by 30 percent or more than 170 billion euros. The value of imported goods also rose sharply by 37 percent. This is an increase of 182.2 billion euros in imports.

The sharp rise is due to higher prices of commodities, especially fuels, food and commodities. The volume of exports and imports increased by only a few percent. Half of the additional export value was due to particularly expensive fuels such as oil and gas.

Germany is the Netherlands’ largest export partner, followed by Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Russia fell from 18th to 29th last year, as sanctions and companies withdrew from the country, and we voluntarily bought less Russian gas. A third less goods were exported to Russia than in 2021, but on the other hand to Russia’s neighbors such as Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Kazakhstan. Ash export of goods to Russia is possible from there.

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