The Vikings left Greenland due to a 3-meter rise in sea level | Sciences

The Vikings who had lived in Greenland for centuries in the 15th century were driven out by a sea level rise of at least 3 meters. It was previously believed that the Normans left because of the cold, but this has now been debunked.

Archaeological evidence provides insight into how Vikings lived in southwestern Greenland. For example, human and animal ruins and bones have been found.

The last written evidence that Vikings lived in Greenland dates back to the early 15th century. It’s a wedding registry. But the reason for the disappearance of the Vikings has remained a mystery until now.

The researchers are now considering a step closer solve the puzzle to come. The Vikings suffered up to 3 meters of sea level rise. It was due to the collapse of a huge ice sheet into the sea. Large parts of the habitat flooded and eventually became uninhabitable.

Social unrest and economic factors may also have played a role. For example, in the twelfth century, the diet of the Normans changed from cattle to fish and seals. So the Vikings became dependent on coastal areas, but they were not stable due to major environmental changes.

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