The weekend weather is volatile and relatively cold

Cycling. Photo: Pete Grimm

The last few days have been quite choppy and relatively cold. Can we count on some sun in the coming days? You can read all the details related to the weather over the weekend in this article.

We are currently experiencing volatile weather. Friday is a cold day with heavy rain and strong winds. You can read all about the weather through the end of the week in our comprehensive weather forecast.

Volatile and relatively cold

The weather picture will be somewhat variable this Saturday, with a mix of clouds, rain and sunshine. In Upper Belgium, some showers may be winter in nature.

The maximum temperature is 9 or 10 degrees, which remains relatively cold for this time of year. For comparison, afternoon values ​​around 15 degrees are common in the second half of April. Winds will be moderate northwesterly on land and sometimes strong near the sea.

The number of rain will gradually decrease during the afternoon. During the evening and night into Friday there will be a variety of clouds, clear spells and occasional rain. When the winds ease, the temperature drops from 2 degrees internally to 5 degrees nautically. In the Ardennes it can reach freezing temperatures.

You may see a rainbow. Photo: Joel Benamara.

Similar weather on Sunday

There will also be a mix of clouds, sun and some rain on Sunday. Our rain radar This also comes in handy on this day if you are planning to go out.

There is a good chance this will happen during the race Liège-Bastogne-Liège Some showers occur. Supporters of classic cycling would do well to take an umbrella with them. In addition, a thick coat is beneficial, because during sunny periods the temperature does not exceed about 10 degrees, and moderate northeasterly winds make it cooler. Right next to the sea, the wind can sometimes blow very strongly, wind force 5.

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They often dry out after the weekend

In the new week, the weather will remain relatively cool spring with a maximum temperature of around 10 degrees during the day, and it can freeze a little during the night, especially in the Ardennes. The weather picture consists of a combination of sun and clouds. It mostly remains dry, with only occasional rain. Temperatures are likely to rise later next week.

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