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Euromillionswinner in Win the Euromillions jackpot of at least 220 million euros A young woman from French Polynesia. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, immediately won her first post and can now call herself the biggest jackpot winner in Euromillions history. Despite the historic victory, the woman says she does not want to change and remains simple as it is now.

The first time, the right time. The young woman first took her chance at the Euromillions and used the “flash system”, in which a combination of random numbers was chosen. This set of numbers, which eventually turned out to be the winning set, was 21,26,31,34 and 49 with stars 2 and 5. The woman brought the winning ticket to a retailer in Tahiti, France’s largest overseas territory in French Polynesia. The winner hid the ticket first under her bed and then in her clothes. “After a while, I was afraid that I would forget the place I hid,” said the young woman.

Special teams from the French lottery company Française des Jeux (FDJ) have traveled to Tahiti to present the prize to the winner in person.


I like to explore the world with my family, especially searching for snow, because I’ve never seen that before.

Euromillions super jackpot winner

“Explore the world”

The winner told FDJ that she had always seen her grandfather take part in games of chance, but she had yet to follow suit. Until a few weeks ago. “I often told my grandfather that luck would smile at me the day I took my chance.” This turned out to be the case later. Although women are now swimming in money, they are not aiming for change. “I will keep it simple, whatever I am now, and I will keep walking barefoot,” said the new millionaire.

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However, the cash prize will not go untouched. It’s like “I want to explore the world with my family, especially looking for snow, because I’ve never seen that before”. In addition, women want to invest in rural homes “across all continents” and strive to support solidarity actions in favor of children. “Maybe I will start my own company too,” concludes the lucky winner.

The former EuroMillions Super Bowl, worth 210 million euros, In Switzerland on February 26, 2021. In France, the last record was broken in December 2020, when a player from the south of the country received a cash prize of 200 million euros.

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