Thea Trinidad recalls being bullied for being a woman and discusses the importance of mental health

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Thea Trinidad, formerly known as WWE Superstar Zelina Vega, continues her way as one of Twitch’s hit shows. Trinidad discussed her passion for video games in a show on the Facebook live series “At Home With Robertson”. In quotes that an actress shared for the show with WrestleZone, she openly described how she was bullied during her childhood for her enthusiasm for the popular hobby. Trinidad has also linked the risk of cyberbullying with shootings and mental health.

I feel it’s also about bullying because I was bullied when I was young because I love video games and I love wrestling and I think it starts there because you’re different, ”said Trinidad. Kind of building that tension between people, you know? And I think you know that I think mental health is a thing. Big and kids can be really strong and I think it was a good thing that my mom was always good at watching what I’m doing online It always looks like this, “Okay, give me your phone, let’s see what she’s doing.”

“She was really involved and I love her about her and dad. She always tried to make sure she didn’t get over it, and I think it’s the same with these things when you notice there’s a problem or something you know … a shooting happened or something happened, then you have to look at it.” Image is everything and I think it definitely starts with mental health. I think it’s a big thing. “

Then Trinidad shared the negativity I encountered when I played video games online with men who felt the platform was not for women.

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Trinidad said: “I remember getting the headset for Xbox for the first time and it was for Call of Duty.” “Once they heard a woman’s voice, that was the case.”

It was, it was just “Get him out of here” and “He doesn’t belong here.” There will always be these people, so this is how you engage with them. “

An excerpt from the episode is available here:

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