There are Perseids again: a great chance to watch a shooting star this weekend HLN’s Instagram

The meteor shower will peak on Sunday around 2 p.m. The best time to observe the Perseids is around 3:45 a.m. on August 13th. An estimated 38 to 50 meteors from this shower will be visible to us every hour.

The Perseids fly over Earth every year, but the chance of actually seeing stars depends on several factors. “One such factor is moonlight,” says Nicholas Rose of the Benelux Air Emergency Service, “with the full moon giving the worst observations. However, recent calculations show that there will be only 10 percent moonlight on the night from Saturday to Sunday “.

In addition, the weather should also be clear enough. Rose says: “According to our latest weather model, we can get showers during the day on Saturday, sometimes heavy. But at night from Saturday to Sunday we can enjoy clear periods. It looks good especially after midnight.”

That night there will be one shooting star per minute. If you look early or after a night, you can count on a shooting star every two minutes.

If you want to see a shooting star, look to the northeast. It is also best to park in a place where there is not much light pollution, preferably in the countryside.

The weather last year was frightful and it was hard to see the shooting stars.

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