There is a green digital U vaccine passport in Spain in June

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Similarly, from May 20, he confirmed that restrictions on movement between countries outside the EU could be ‘relaxed’. This will allow Spain to receive tourists from the United Kingdom, the United States, South America and Asia. All of this if the new classification by the European Union to accommodate vaccinated tourists is approved. In addition, 10 ‘pilot’ locations will be set up in Spain to test certifications.

The Minister made these statements during the Alicante + European Forum in Alicante, adding that the inter-country movement could be restarted as the 19 million dose has already been administered in Spain and the future situation in tourism is somewhat optimistic.

Mroto said if the ‘speed of vaccination is maintained’ and the EU’s Digital Green Travel Certificate is ready in June, Spain could withdraw half of the total 84 million foreign tourists from the 2019 registration year.

The tour begins again

According to the minister, the resumption of domestic and foreign tourism is ‘good news’ for Spain. He appealed to the ‘responsibility’ of the community because the end of the alert does not mean that the virus has been defeated. “Well, we’m going to beat it because the vaccine is advancing so fast, but we still have to do the right thing to avoid regression.”

Maroto explained the arrival of tourists from the United Kingdom, in which case the approval of the European travel certificate before June is very important. Recommendation 912 also affects this, allowing it to relax restrictions on countries outside the EU.

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“At the moment, the green card is under construction and we hope it will be approved by May 20 so that the UK can travel back to Spain,” Mroto said, adding that the move would depend on whether the UK decides its residents the year they will be allowed to go abroad.

Similarly, the Minister stressed that Spain should ‘work’ to be ‘within the green traffic light’ and clarified that after negotiations with the United Kingdom the colors in the traffic light could be determined by the area within Spain based on the vulnerabilities.

Pilot seats

There will be ten Spanish checkpoints from May to test the use of Green Travel Certificates. It is not yet known what they will be.

When asked if the government would ultimately demand ‘reciprocity’ with health measures from countries such as the United Kingdom, Minister Mroto responded that the resumption of the international movement was ‘necessary’ and that hard work was being done within the EU to achieve international ‘internationally’. Safe movement ‘.

“The vaccine allows movement controls to be somewhat facilitated, but with safety components such as negative PCR tests or protocols that help confirm these safe actions with the vaccine,” Maroto said.

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